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How to Properly restore your nail polish with YOLO Thinner - 30ml

Add 4 to 7 drops to your thickened nail polish. Shake well. Wait for 20 minutes then test nail polish on nail. If necessary, add more YOLO thinner until polish returns to its original consistency.

How to Properly remove your nail polish with YOLO Nail Polish Remover

YOLO Remover Sweeps away even the darkest lacquer shades without the drying effects of harsh removers! Enriched with Vitamin E and Castor Oil removes nail polish leaving no residue or streaking.

How to Properly store your nail polish bottles

1-Do not shake your bottle. Shaking the bottle creates tiny pockets of air. These air bubbles can sometimes pop, leaving holes in your manicure.

2-Clean the neck with YOLO remover after use if necessary.

3-Close the bottle securely.

4-To use the right amount of product, remove any excess by carefully wiping the stem and brush inside the neck of the bottle vertically.

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YOLO 3D Top Coat : builds instant volume on your nail to get a wet-look shine like professional gel nails, without a UV Lamp.

1- It is always better to paint your nails on a well-lit and flat surface.

2- The Thicker Your coats, The longer they will take to dry

Toluene is the nail polish ingredient used to create a smooth application and finish. However, its fumes are highly toxic.