YOLO “ Vegan ”

YOLO Say No to animal Derivatives

What are Animal Derivatives?

According to European law, it is any material derived from the
body of an animal.

What are the cosmetics ingredients that are derived from
animal products?

Many cosmetics ingredients are squeezed into cosmetics these
days and given misleading names for the sake of sales.

● Cochineal Dye
● Tallow
● Gelatin
● Lanolin
● Squalene
● Auberges
● Collagen
● Estrogen
● Retinol, and many more

What do we mean by (YOLO say No to animal derivative)?

It means that YOLO certify that no product it supplies contains
any ingredients or sub-ingredients of animal origin, particularly no
component made of ruminant extracts or derivatives?
YOLO maintains a vegan beauty routine, in other words, YOLO
vegan nail polish simply means that there are no animal-derived
ingredients present in the formulation of that nail polish.
All YOLO products are vegan