Tips & Tricks

1- It is always better to paint your nails on a well-lit and flat surface.

2- The Thicker Your coats , The longer they will take to dry

3- Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning because hot water effects     your nail polish

4- Try not to expose your nails to the intensely colored foods and spices , it’s naturally stain everything they came contact in ,including your nails

5- The hot heat and moisture causes nails to chip and peel away. So think of hot water as the mortal enemy of your manicure

6- Top coat your nails – use YOLO Top coat – it can last a little longer more like 5 – 6 days.

7- Make sure to take the top coat over the edge of your nail , it helps seal the end which will keep the polish there looking nice longer

8- If you smudge a nail badly, you can flatten out the smudge, let it dry, and cover with one more coat of polish.

9- Dip your nails in about of cold water for 1 – 2 minutes , often letting your nails air dry for 60 sec – you can also use YOLO fast dry to dry your mani in 60 sec –

10- Always start with a base coat for dark polishes – YOLO Ridge filler – so that you get a smoother Application and prevent staining.

11- Dark polish is more heavily pigmented, painting on too much can cause peeling.

12- To avoid that, as well as bubbling, you can use a Top Coat -YOLO Top Coat 1- for last longer nail polish.

13- Use a white nail polish as your base coat -YOLO_100_Snow-, and then apply your favorite neon shade YOLO_144_Lime & YOLO_146_K. Lime_ – to make your neon color pop.

14- Refresh your manicure with topcoat every two days. Applying a thin layer of topcoat to an aging many re-stabilizes the polish and restores shine, which makes it last longer.